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Susanna Tanni - TraumaNeuro Coach - Institute of Happiness

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Hi! I'm Susanna. Right now, I'm coaching over 18,000 individuals with the Traumaneuro Method, guiding them from survival mode to thriving abundance.

Without knowledge of genuine emotional trauma healing and the nervous system, we are all simply drifting in the constant pain of survival.

But you have the power, right now, to reshape that narrative and begin living in a world that nurtures your wildest dreams and profound emotional well-being.

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Neuroscience-Based Transformation - Healing Trauma Inside Out

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Happiness Trauma Challenge 5 Days

In this challenge,
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  • How neuroscience-based techniques can transform your relationship with trauma and the nervous system.
  • Practical strategies to shift from survival mode to thriving abundance.
  • Tools to cultivate deep emotional well-being and resilience.

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Sara, 36 years

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MIKKO, 43 years

Susanna Tanni - 5-day TraumaNeuro Challenge


  • Discover the power of neuroscience: Learn how cutting-edge neuroscience principles can help you heal trauma and unlock your true potential.
  • Practical techniques for lasting change: Dive deep into neuroscience-based healing techniques and strategies to create profound transformation in your life.
  • Join a thriving community: Connect with like-minded individuals and be part of a supportive community committed to growth and healing.

  • Duration: 5 days
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Join our 5-Day Neuroscience-Based Transformation Challenge



"Emotional trauma touches nearly every one of us.

We need to start to understand that without knowledge about trauma and the nervous system, we are all drifting in constant pain of surviving.

We do have the power right now to change that and start to live in a world that supports our wildest dreams and deep emotional well-being."


Institute of Happiness, Founder
TraumaNeuro Coaching, Founder
TraumaNeuro Coach Trainer

Susanna Tanni is a Finnish TraumaNeuro Coach renowned for her insightful and transformative approach to trauma work, which has resonated globally.

With over two decades of experience, Susanna has emerged as Finland's foremost coach specializing in somatic therapy and the transformation of trauma narratives.

Her unique expertise allows her to guide clients through profound processes of change, empowering them to overcome past challenges and unlock their full potential.

Having grown up with an emotionally immature family and alcoholic father, Susanna has personally confronted deep-seated traumas and past failures.

Through her own journey of healing, she has harnessed the power of the nervous system and the unconscious mind as pathways to success.

Susanna creates a safe and supportive environment conducive to deep and lasting transformation.

Drawing from her own experiences, she understands the nuances of pain, shame, rejection, financial distress, and relationship dependencies, and how they affect the nervous system.

Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and ADHD herself, Susanna embarked on a journey of recovery while studying, driven by a passion to help others facing similar challenges.

Susanna possesses a profound understanding of the physiological and hormonal effects of trauma on the body.

Through her guidance, clients learn to reclaim their lives and realize their fullest potential.

TIEDONANTO:  Trauma ja Hermosto -koulutus sisältää informatiivista tietoa. Se ei korvaa lääketieteellisiä tai ammatillisia neuvoja. Trauma ja Hermosto -koulutus voi täydentää terapiaa.

TEKIJÄNOIKEUDET: Trauma ja Hermosto -koulutus on tekijänoikeuden alainen. Älä kopioi tätä sisältöä. Katso verkkosivustomme ehdot ja käytännöt saadaksesi lisätietoja siitä, miten voit käyttää tämän ohjelman resursseja asiakkaittesi kanssa.

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